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oh yeah!

By Stacie PonderWednesday - August 17th, 2011Categories: blog

Look at this piece of finery, made by my cyberpal John Mapes on the very same day the related comic posted! It is awesomeness.Right now I’m chugging away at the positively MASSIVE RPG story that will appear in Womanthology…when that comes out in January? March? Something. And there may be other plans for the story as well…we shall see! It’s pretty cool, and I’m having a ton of fun working on it.

So yeah.

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RPG in print!

By Stacie PonderWednesday - July 13th, 2011Categories: blog

Dear dudes, dudettes, and prefer-not-to-answers:

If you’re at all into comics and The Internet and any combination of the two, then maybe you’ve heard about Womanthology and its history-making Kickstarter campaign. The gist is this: it’s…you know, an anthology featuring stories by teams of female comics artists and writers, both industry veterans and newbies. IDW will be publishing the massive 300-page book in November, and it’s going to be a real beaut, chock-a-block full of comics-y goodness. And guess what? RPG is going to be a big, fat part of it! Yes, my friends, a brand new RPG adventure featuring Alyth and Company will be included. RPG on paper! Simply perfect for bosom-clutching.

I’ll keep you updated as the release date draws near, but for now check out the Kickstarter page; there are some incredible incentives, and more will unlock throughout the month. This book is going to be super rad, and I’m so psyched to be a part of it!

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tis a curious thing

By Stacie PonderWednesday - June 29th, 2011Categories: blog

Tis a curious thing, is it not, what happens to stick figures when they die? Sure, they eventually become skeletons- this is to be expected, after all. But what RPG has shown so far is that when stick figures become skeletons, they sprout nasal cavities and teeth, and their arm bones are much like a human’s. Not their leg bones, of course, but their arms and hands. Hmm. Never woulda guessed it!

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page twenty-six

By Stacie PonderWednesday - June 22nd, 2011Categories: blog

Wow, the 26th page! It’s true what they say: time flies when you’re making comics. Here’s to 26,000 more! That’s a lot of work…but then is doing something you love so much really “work”? (yes, it’s still work)

Anyway, if you read today’s page and thought “Hmm, Amalia? And a cat? And a dad? This sounds like some sort of tribute to the “Stone Prisoner” quest from Dragon Age: Origins!”, then you’re right! Also, if you read today’s page and thought “Hmm, Amalia? And a cat? And a dad? This sounds like some sort of tribute to the “Stone Prisoner” quest from Dragon Age: Origins!”, then you’re as big a Dragon Age nerd as I am, and that makes me quite happy.

Also, awesome RPG pal John Mapes made this:

I can’t even, you guys.

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yes yes

By Stacie PonderMonday - May 30th, 2011Categories: blog

Like the comic says, the RPG gang- right now consisting of me, Alyth, and Miri- is taking a wee break so I can get my “moving house” on. For the record, moving house sucks!

We’ll be back on Monday, June 13th, though. Back and better than or at least equal to ever!

Meanwhile, here is an awesome fantasy lady doing awesome fantasy things to tide you over!

I just realized I used a lot of exclamation marks up there. Or should I say…up there!

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page seventeen

By Stacie PonderMonday - May 9th, 2011Categories: blog

I bet no one saw that coming! NO ONE! It looks like the Harvest Festival Festival is canceled.

As always, thanks for reading and leaving comments and the such. If you’re digging RPG, please spread the word! Like herpes, comics are best when shared.

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page ten

By Stacie PonderWednesday - April 13th, 2011Categories: blog

Hat tip to my Facebook pal John Cowan for the name “Toppleboggin”, even though it kept running through my mind as “Togglebottom”. Somehow he knew there’d be a gnome-type in the underground and offered up the name, one he uses when he DMs. I’m awful at coming up with fantasy-flavored names, so I gladly snatched it up.

But how did he know about the gnome? It’s like this comic is formulaic or something. With a name like RPG, that’s totally unexpected!

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page six

By Stacie PonderWednesday - March 30th, 2011Categories: blog

But…that pitchfork probably only barely poked the oversized novelty rat in the eye but a little bit! It can’t be dead! Or can it? I guess we will all have to find out later.

Or, should I say, you’ll have to find out, because I already know! HA HA.

Also, did you catch the Alien 3 reference on page five? It made me happy. This whole comic makes me happy. Making it* is a good time. Thanks for reading!

*Err, making the comic, that is. Anyway.

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And so our story begins.

By Stacie PonderMonday - March 14th, 2011Categories: blog

As the title RPG may imply, this is a comic that’s a bit like a fantasy role-playing game. Heroes, monsters, dungeons, mountains, cool swords, companions, quests, magic, bloodshed…the whole epic shebang. I love those kinds of games, whether they’re the Western conversation and character-heavy type or the Japanese turn-based type or the tabletop type which I’ve only recently delved into, so I figured HEY. Why not make a comic in that vein? Why not, right?

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, Skies of Arcadia, Fable, Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Quest, Dragon Age, Dragon Lord of the Rings, or heck, even Star Wars, you might like RPG. Or you might not. I don’t know. I don’t live your life!

New pages on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thanks for looking!

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