What the what?

What the what?

By Stacie PonderTuesday - November 8th, 2011Categories: blog

I KNOW- you’ve got some questions. Like…what is this “page fifty-A” junk? Who’s that person? What in blazes is a “Booklandia”?

(I really hope you say “what in blazes”. Often.)

Before I answer those questions, I’d like to ask you a few: don’t you feel sort of hampered by this computer thing? Wouldn’t you sometimes prefer to read RPG on paper? You know, for that tactile experience. Wouldn’t you like to have a bound edition of RPG handy to enjoy in case your electricity goes out for days and days?

WELL. You’re in luck! At midnight last night I launched a Kickstarter campaign to make all of out RPG in print dreams come true…and dudes. IT’S ALREADY SUCCESSFUL! I reached my fundraising goal in about 16 hours! I’m stunned. STUNNED I SAY. People are awesome, and I’m overwhelmed by the notion that so many people might believe in Alyth and the gang. Pocket Hams and Troll Fats: RPG Collected, Volume One will be a reality.

The campaign still runs for 27 more days, however, so WHO KNOWS how much money will be raised? No one, that’s who! And I haven’t even started unlocking awesome incentive prizes or begun the backer-exclusive Kickstarter roleplaying experience game thing. It’s going to be rad.

All this brings me to “page fifty-A”: throughout the course of this campaign, the strip will follow a sort of parallel story- the journey to Booklandia, where RPG will see print. Then when the campaign is over, we’ll flash back in time and pick up where page forty-nine left off. Does that make sense? It’ll be cool, don’t worry.

Meanwhile, check out the Kickstarter page- the video will reveal more info and you can learn more about the books I’m releasing. And please, spread the word! Consider a donation! More money raised means more books printed, more RPG goodies created and…well, there’s no telling where I can take this property with some resources behind me. Thanks so much. I’m incredibly excited to see where we end up!