Kickstarter Power!

Kickstarter Power!

By Stacie PonderThursday - November 10th, 2011Categories: blog

Holy moley, y’all- my Kickstarter campaign reached the initial goal in only 16 hours! That is awesome, delightful, amazing, and…MORE. Unbelievable! RPG will definitely see print! I am, like, +5 excited. Nay…+6! At least!

If you check out the campaign page, though, you’ll see that there are new goals…new amounts to raise in the hopes of realizing even more dreams for RPG, like a second (and third…and fourth…and…) print edition. And animated shorts. Live action shorts! What about games? Yes!

The backers-only…mmm, experience has also begun. There are rewards unlocking and videos unlocking and more…in fact, the Level 1 reward is currently available: the original full-color art for RPG page 41 signed by me and Felicia Day! The page features more than 20 characters from Dragon Age, The Guild, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and…well, just look at it! 

There are many more rewards and videos to unlock, so keep spreading the word…and thanks for reading and supporting RPG! Onward, adventurers!