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Ooh, a place to go!

By Stacie PonderThursday - February 2nd, 2012Categories: blog

how to buy coca cola stock Hey, so today I made a page for RPG at Facebook. Check it out! Like it! I’ll post updates there, obviously, but also other stuff. And hopefully you guys will be active and participate and post your own things and all that. Community, man! Let’s hold cyber-hands.

Meanwhile, here’s a pretty cool dragon picture. Hmm, I wonder if there are dragons in Hyberia…

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Here’s that ham!

By Stacie PonderTuesday - November 29th, 2011Categories: blog

Check it out! I’m a-sewin’ plush pocket hams, and you can get one over at the RPG Kickstarter!

Oh, and here’s a picture for scale- they’re about 9x12x4, made of felt. Be the envy of everyone except other online trading philippines people who have a plush pocket ham!


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It’s the final COUNTDOWN

By Stacie PonderTuesday - November 29th, 2011Categories: blog

Do do do dooo

Do do do do dooo

Do do do dooo

Do do do do do do dooo

Et cetera.

paypal investment The final countdown for what, you’re asking? Why, for the RPG Kickstarter, of course! It is less than a week until it’s all over (December 4). My, how time flies when you’re something something.

But! It’s still going strong, and the stronger it goes, the more RPG goodness I can make. As of this writing, there are still amazing incentive rewards to be had, like:

  • RPG page 41- original art- signed by moi and Felicia Day
  • The original art for the alternate cover to Pocket Hams and Troll Fats: RPG Collected, Volume 1 by the amazing Chrissie Zullo
  • A sketch of an RPG character by Fiona effing Staples (why, even I don’t know who she’s going to draw- ooh, mystery)
  • A page of original art from the forthcoming Dragon Age digital comic drawn by the mighty Chad Hardin (comic published by BioWare and Dark Horse)
  • The opportunity for you to be made into a super hero by actress/writer Brea Grant- she’ll sketch ya and give you super powers and all sorts of cool stuff
  • RPG prints by me, Renae De Liz, and Meng Zhang
  • AND a super secret gonna-be-revealed soon reward that might have something to do with pocket ham. That’s right.

So become a backer! Tell your friends and your “social” “networking” cyber comrades! It’s good for your charisma AND your speechcraft, I swear.

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Kickstarter Power!

By Stacie PonderThursday - November 10th, 2011Categories: blog

Holy moley, y’all- my Kickstarter campaign reached the initial goal in only 16 hours! That is awesome, delightful, amazing, and…MORE. Unbelievable! RPG will definitely see print! I am, like, +5 excited. Nay…+6! At least!

If you check out the campaign page, though, you’ll see that there are new goals…new amounts to raise in the hopes of realizing even more dreams for RPG, like a second (and third…and fourth…and…) print edition. And animated shorts. Live action shorts! What about games? Yes!

The backers-only…mmm, experience has also begun. There are rewards unlocking and videos unlocking and more…in fact, the Level 1 reward is currently available: the original full-color art for RPG page 41 signed by me and Felicia Day! The page features more than 20 characters from Dragon Age, The Guild, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and…well, just look at it! 

There are many more rewards and videos to unlock, so keep spreading the word…and thanks for reading and supporting RPG! Onward, adventurers!

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What the what?

By Stacie PonderTuesday - November 8th, 2011Categories: blog

I KNOW- you’ve got some questions. Like…what is this “page fifty-A” junk? Who’s that person? What in blazes is a “Booklandia”?

(I really hope you say “what in blazes”. Often.)

Before I answer those questions, I’d like to ask you a few: don’t you feel sort of hampered by this computer thing? Wouldn’t you sometimes prefer to read RPG on paper? You know, for that tactile experience. Wouldn’t you like to have a bound edition of RPG handy to enjoy in case your electricity goes out for days and days?

WELL. You’re in luck! At midnight last night I launched a Kickstarter campaign to make all of out RPG in print dreams come true…and dudes. IT’S ALREADY SUCCESSFUL! I reached my fundraising goal in about 16 hours! I’m stunned. STUNNED I SAY. People are awesome, and I’m overwhelmed by the notion that so many people might believe in Alyth and the gang. Pocket Hams and Troll Fats: RPG Collected, Volume One will be a reality.

The campaign still runs for 27 more days, however, so WHO KNOWS how much money will be raised? No one, that’s who! And I haven’t even started unlocking awesome incentive prizes or begun the backer-exclusive Kickstarter roleplaying experience game thing. It’s going to be rad.

All this brings me to “page fifty-A”: throughout the course of this campaign, the strip will follow a sort of parallel story- the journey to Booklandia, where RPG will see print. Then when the campaign is over, we’ll flash back in time and pick up where page forty-nine left off. Does that make sense? It’ll be cool, don’t worry.

Meanwhile, check out the Kickstarter page- the video will reveal more info and you can learn more about the books I’m releasing. And please, spread the word! Consider a donation! More money raised means more books printed, more RPG goodies created and…well, there’s no telling where I can take this property with some resources behind me. Thanks so much. I’m incredibly excited to see where we end up!

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I’m dying right now…

By Stacie PonderThursday - November 3rd, 2011Categories: blog

…because of this AWESOME “Oh, I just did that over a cup of coffee it’s quickly done don’t look” sketch of the RPG gang by the ridiculously talented Renae De Liz (The Last Unicorn, Servant of the Bones).
Seeing my characters all…you know, fleshed out! B’lue and Alyth looking all badass! Compass Rose all sassy! Their costumes! Miri’s hair!! And who is that mysterious dude on the right? You haven’t met him yet…but you will. Oh yes, you will. *maniacal laughter*
This is so cool I can’t stand it. I’ve never wanted to make out with a piece of paper so badly before!

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The Return of RPG!

By Stacie PonderMonday - October 24th, 2011Categories: blog

WHEW, RPG is back! I’ve made it across the country and I’m enjoying a New England autumn…which includes lots of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Oh, and shivering (even though it’s not really cold yet) because it seems I’d actually grown used to fall in southern California.

I hit New York Comic-Con a week or so ago and it was pretty rad. Way more crazy busy than I expected, but rad. I had some super-mini RPG comics available, which featured a preview of the massive adventure comic I did for Womanthology; maybe I’ll figure out something to do with those comics for people who weren’t, you know. At Comic-Con.

Anyway, Alyth and the gang has returned! I have missed them. And YOU, of course.

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news one can use

By Stacie PonderTuesday - September 20th, 2011Categories: blog

Hey! How are you? I’ve got bad news and…so-so news, I guess. The bad news is, RPG is on hiatus until next month some time. You see, Stately RPG Manor is moving to a new location and it’s quite an endeavor. The RPG gang and I will be back as soon as possible.

Oh, and then there’s New York Comic-Con next month…I’ll be walking around, so if you see a nerd, come and say hi!

I’m also pleased to announce that the RPG story that will appear in Womanthology is DONE DONE DONE! Hooray. It’s a standalone adventure, and it will eventually be available in its own issue. That will be “totally” “cool”, as some young person might say.
Because I love you, here is a preview of the story. Look! New outfits! A character we haven’t met yet! That’s right- this story takes place in the future. Tantalizing!

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contest winner REVEALED as if by magic!

By Stacie PonderMonday - August 29th, 2011Categories: blog

Thanks to everyone who entered the Name Everybody on Page Forty-One Contest! Becky Chambers rocked everyone’s face off by naming all characters super correctly. Were you able to do the same and you just didn’t enter? Well then, no sketch card for you. Here are the character names and where they’re from and all that.

  1. ogre (Dragon Age II)
  2. Saren (Mass Effect)
  3. Leliana (Dragon Age: Origins, DA II)
  4. Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  5. Red Sonja
  6. Isabela (DA II)
  7. Morrigan (DA: O)
  8. Alistair (DA:O)
  9. Oghren (DA: O)
  10. Merrill (DA II)
  11. Hawke (DA II)
  12. Strider (Lord of the Rings)
  13. Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)
  14. Aveline (DA II)
  15. Varric (DA II)
  16. Codex (The Guild)
  17. Clara (The Guild)
  18. Conan the Barbarian (although some people guessed Xena, so I would have accepted that as well. Oh, what clothing (or lack thereof) can tell you)
  19. Boo (Baldur’s Gate)
  20. Minsc (Baldur’s Gate)
  21. Fenris (DA II)
  22. Vanille (FF XIII)
  23. Beholder (Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance)
  24. Han Solo (Star Wars)
  25. Greedo (Star Wars)
  26. Anders (DA II)

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mall madness

By Stacie PonderWednesday - August 24th, 2011Categories: blog

Today’s page is all about…well, you can probably surmise from reading it. It’s the worst, when you’re, like, level 3 and you go to a shop and you can’t afford to buy anything. Like the first time you visit the Elfsong Tavern merchant in Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and special swords are a zillion bucks…and you’ve got three bucks. Ah, so futile it feels!

Before long, your fortunes always change- and I mean extreme change. I’m lazily playing through Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion at the moment, and I’ve got over 600k. And there’s nothing to spend it on! I’ve bought every house and tricked them all out. I’ve found super duper armor and weapons. By the time you can afford all the cool stuff, you no longer need it. After a certain point, I don’t think my Shepard ever dipped below the maximum 999,999 creds in Mass Effect.

Of course, my insane amounts of wealth never stop me from looting, looting, looting! I need more stuff to sell!

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